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Successful Coaching for Clarity 

Caroline Thompson supports business owners, senior leaders and executives (just like you) with accredited professional coaching to gain clear perspectives, unlock your great ideas and see new ways forward - giving you a fresh sense of ease and confidence.  

Why would you benefit from coaching?

Life is too busy. We are all constantly trying to get things done against deadlines, and it's really competitive. There is no time to think; to really think. Yet thinking time is exactly what we need in order to get fresh and authentic perspectives - and to enjoy being the inspiring person we want to be. 

As your coach my role is to help you get off 'the hamster wheel' and to help shift your thinking and  see things with a clear perspective, which leads to successful decisions. I believe that the best solutions come from within people themselves, and that everyone has an inner strength, resourcefulness and creativity, which can be unlocked through our relaxed and inspiring coaching conversations.


My work is results oriented. A key test is what is my clients are capable of now that they weren’t before we worked together. Everyone's goals are different, so my programmes are tailored to individual needs.


I look forward to hearing from you 

Do contact me to find out how I can help you. I'm always happy to talk about how this works, and how I can help you achieve your goals! 

Caroline Thompson:


Mob: +44 7887 854 847 


Coaching  Areas

Successful Coaching for Clarity is empowering and allows people to thrive:

  1. Leadership & Management Coaching - to gain clear perspectives and release their creativity - generating new solutions, ideas and strategies for growth.

  2. Managing Transition e.g. returning to work (leaders managing teams post Covid, new parents), senior leaders/executives preparing for promotion/board positions; reestablishing confidence and positive thinking when applying for new roles/jobs. 

  3. Well-being in the Workplace - to help reduce stress and manage work-life balance, and to help retain an organisation's most valued asset, it's people.

These areas are outlined to give an idea of areas where I have worked/work. They are not exhaustive!


"Caroline has been a fantastic coach to me during a time of high stress while applying for a promotion - which I got! I have no doubt that the time spent with Caroline had a direct impact on my ability to articulate confidently why I deserve a promotion, and ultimately helped me to convince others of this as well. 


Caroline provided the space and right questions to enable me to explore my own motivations, helping me to realise the underlying causes of the pressure I felt I was under. This had a hugely beneficial impact on my mental health and attitude towards my promotion prospects. As a result of the coaching I was able to understand my mind set and get some distance from my feelings, enabling me to think more clearly and logically about my situation and get a better perspective.


I have not only found the sessions with Caroline to be really helpful professionally and personally, I have really enjoyed speaking with her and the challenge and insight that comes with coaching. I have found Caroline to be a friendly, warm presence, who creates a safe and supportive environment. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of coaching to get in touch with Caroline, she's brilliant."


(Senior Manager, leading Professional Services Firm)

“I really enjoyed working with Caroline, she put me at ease and made it really easy to share thoughts and open up - something that does not usually come naturally to me. The coaching conversations helped me to look at my situation from new different perspectives.  They built my confidence , so that I secured a new role at a higher level. I feel like I am in a different place with more clarity regarding the opportunities ahead of me and more motivation.” (


(Research Manager, Pharma Consultancy)


Having led her own business in Qualitative Research Consulting for the last 25 years, Caroline has worked extensively with with C-suite executives, Senior Leaders, Marketing & Insight Teams,  Business Stakeholders, and Consumers. I marry a strong intuitive instinct for people, with a curious and empathetic approach, to create inspiration and a background in real life business management.


Caroline Thompson is a graduate of the Academy of Executive Coaching's Practitioner Diploma and accredited with the AoEC, approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and  the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).   

She has a BA in Economics and Business Studies (2.1) from Trinity College Dublin.