Andy Murray is back: the power of setting goals

Huge rewards from setting meaningful and ‘do-able’ goals

You just have to look at Andy Murray’s face to know it’s true. He knew where he was heading over the last few years since his hip replacement. Look at him last night beating Oscar Otte in another thriller which finished under the Centre Court lights bringing him through to the third round of Wimbledon 2021.

We know the theory of setting goals, but the reality is that everyday expectations at work and at home over-ride taking a longer term perspective. Thinking ahead, gaining clarity on the goals you want to achieve, and working out a plan to get there all tends to get shelved as a ‘tomorrow’ job. It is not until your company says ‘right, time to set your goals’ that we put on our trainers, take up the racket and actually think about how we are going to make an impression on court.

Which goes to my next point, how easy is it to pick goals that we think will impress others - rather than setting goals based on what really matters to us, and what we want to achieve, albeit a particular promotion, a better work-life balance, or switching jobs. We also kid ourselves that a rough idea of our goals is good enough. But do we really want to accept that?

A Harvard Business study (December 19) found that there is a direct correlation between goal setting and success. It said that 14% of the people who have goals are 10 times more successful than those who do not have goals.

Sports People like Andy Murray Set Goals Intuitively

At the end of 2019, in an interview in The Scotsman Andy Murray explained his strategy to get back into competitive tennis after his hip replacement.

Eager to get back on the big courts like Wimbledon in the long term, success for him initially was just about being out on court playing in lower key tournaments and staying healthy. His strategy was to be smart with his scheduling and the number of tournaments he played, so that he could manage how much he was playing, turning the ‘volume’ up and down as he needed – to gradually build up to more time competing on court.

Just like Andy - identifying your goals; knowing what success looks like for you; and defining small steps to take in the immediate future – are all fundamental factors to achieving your success.

Discovering your goals and the pathway to success is hugely liberating and rewarding

I believe setting meaningful goals goes beyond making sure that the goals we set are positive; precise, prioritised, measurable, timed, and do-able.

To achieve meaningful rewards, we need to really think about what kind of goals matter to us, and what might be getting in our way of achieving those. If we don’t believe in the goals we set, and if don't truly own them and believe in our own abilities, the likelihood of real success is diluted.

As a coach who is used to working with people to set and achieve their goals, I’d like to invite you to consider some ideas that I might discuss with clients ....

o If you knew that you are going to achieve great success in the future, how would you recognise your successful self?

o If you trusted that your expertise is enough, what would your goals be?

o If you knew that your boss/director thinks that you are the best candidate for the position, what would you do differently this year?

o If you believed that you have the ideas and talent to win new clients, what would your goal be?

Setting Goals Makes a Tangible Difference in Real Life

I received a heart-warming note from a coaching client of mine this morning, telling me about how much he had achieved in the last 6 months – the new dream job he wanted, and being awarded significant seed funding for an entrepreneurial venture. What was inspiring is that this all came from within him through our coaching conversations. These helped him to become aware of the true shape of the goals he wanted to achieve, and the small steps he wanted to take to make this end goal real.

“I had previously used Friends/Family as informal mentors or sounding boards which helped me evaluate my own thinking. However, I felt there were blockers preventing me from either being in the right mindset or possessing the right skillset to transition into an appropriate role.

Caroline's style of active listening allowed me to elaborate on my thoughts and to re-evaluate them in a constructive manner. This helped me to identify smaller, tangible steps to take me towards my goal.”

Setting authentic, meaningful goals, and being happy with how we are going to get to those goals, is fundamental to maintaining our motivation and personal well-being – and ultimately to how successful we are.

How Coaching Can Contribute

In my opinion, everyone has the resourcefulness, creativity and confidence inside themselves to identify and achieve their ideal goals. It’s a case of becoming aware of what matters to you, and giving yourself permission to be your authentic self, true to your values and your ambitions, and to be courageous. Follow your Star!

I hope that you are inspired to spend some quality time thinking about your goals. The reward lies in the success you will achieve from doing so.

If you’d like to chat through any challenges or understand how coaching can help you achieve your ambitions do get in touch.

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