Disability & Inclusion Research

We have specialist expertise and a unique blend of skills in Disability & Inclusion Research - presenting strong credentials in the Travel market in particular.


For example, we work with clients on way finding, communications development, optimising customer experience, and product/service development - using a combination of Face-to-Face, and online methods.


We use a mobile digital approach to capture in the moment feedback on customer journeys and experiences that provides authentic, genuine, actionable insight.  

We have a unique understanding of the disability market and how to access disabled people’s perspective - our team of Research Experts works closely with Helen Dolphin MBE, Specialist Advisor on Disability and Mobility issues. Creating better services, products and experiences for people with disabilities and impairments matters to us.  

We are well-placed to deliver research and insight on disability mobility issues, that is meaningful and actionable.


  • We understand the consumer side and are knowledgeable about all the different kinds of disability  (e.g. mobility, sensory, cognitive, mental health).

  • We have an extensive network of Disability Experts which we can draw on when conducting research. 

  • We appreciate the the challenges for clients operating in a regulatory framework; the budget challenges of charitable organisations; and the operational challenges many organisations face to deliver a great end-to-end experience for the disabled consumer.

If you'd like to know more, or would like to start a conversation, give us a call. 



Helen Dolphin MBE


Helen is our Specialist Advisor on Disability and Mobility issues, and has strong credentials:


  • she works with the Department for Transport, British Science Association, Motability, Heathrow, and the CAA

  • she is Chair of the following Groups - the Heathrow Access Advisory Group, the Motability Consumer Group, the Personal Mobility Group of the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee; and is currently working with a rail operator to set up an Access Inclusion Group.

  • she helps sets up and organises Disability Inclusion Panels for organisations - following a clear set of Best in Class principles.


Her consulting expertise is informed by her experience working with these commercial and regulated organisations; her close links with organisations representing people with disabilities and impairments; and her personal experience of living with a disability.