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An accredited professional coach, Caroline Thompson supports people in business, at all levels, to be more successful at what they do and the strategies they set.

My coaching conversations with clients provide great quality thinking space, designed to bring out the best in people through:


  • Gaining fresh clarity on issues and the way ahead

  • Unlocking new ideas and bringing solutions to the fore

  • Engendering a sense of confidence, ease and motivation.

Our work together will mean you are successful in achieving your goals and what matters to you.

As an Executive Coach with many years in Marketing & Insight consulting, I work with people to unravel what matters to them, and what motivates them. I bring a unique blend of insight and empathy that helps people to appreciate what they truly need or need to do, what is holding them back, and what steps they can take to shift their thinking and their outcomes.   


I believe that successful outcomes come from taking small steps, which together become significant leaps of change for the better!

I've worked with senior leaders to improve their performance at board level; supported executives to  achieve sought after promotions and senior corporate positions; helped executives to believe in their own capabilities in new business development scenarios and be successful; helped entrepreneurs set meaningful goals and strategies to 'fast track' their progress; and supported executives to navigate their way successfully through challenging situations in the work-place.

Unlike mentoring, where the mentor shares their own experience and advice, coaching is about creating a safe (but challenging) environment in order to access the ideas and solutions which lie within ourselves.  Coaching creates valuable space to think, and to tap into your inner rescources.

Think better, do better, feel better:

In such a competitive and changing market-place, there is pressure to keep on top of expectations and to achieve targets.


We want to make sure we're delivering our best and reaching our goals, in line with our values and what matters to us.  


We need to lead people in our teams to be the best that they can be, through empathy and empowerment. 


We want to change our lives and carve out new paths....and we need to manage the  challenges of transition and change. 


Coaching helps you to address and manage these issues, so that you can reach your true potential and enjoy being the inspiring, successful person you want to be.....with an enhanced sense of well being.

3 key areas  - leadership coaching; careers & transition; well-being 


  • Leadership & Management Coaching - to gain clear perspectives and release your creativity - generating new solutions, ideas and strategies for growth; managing difficult situations.

  • Managing Transition e.g. setting goals and career mapping; returning to work; preparing for promotion/board positions.

  • Well-being - managing work-life balance and stress; helping to support an organisation's most valued asset, it's people.

My work is results oriented. A key test is what my clients are capable of now that they weren’t before we worked together. Everyone's goals are different, and programmes are tailored to individual needs. 


Please do get in touch:

Please do get in touch to have an initial conversation about how I can help you. I'm always happy to talk about how coaching works, without obligation, and how I can help you achieve your goals! I look forward to hearing from you.  Fees available on application. 

Caroline Thompson:


Mob: +44 7887 854 847 



Business Development Manager, Software Industry


"Coming from a Professional Recruitment background and personally being quite career focussed I was probably an obscure use-case for Caroline. I aspired to transition my skillset in Recruitment into a Business Development role, something that I had considered for some time prior to meeting Caroline.


I had previously used Friends/Family as informal mentors or sounding boards which helped me evaluate my own thinking. However, I felt there were blockers preventing me from either being in the right mindset or possessing the right skillset to transition into an appropriate role. 


Caroline's style of active listening allowed me to elaborate on my thoughts and to re-evaluate them in a constructive manner. This helped me to identify smaller, tangible steps to take me closer towards my goal. One of the points that has resonated with me was Caroline's coaching to help me reframe advice I give to my own candidates and identifying that I should take my own advice 'Do the Job before you're actually doing the Job'. This led me to approach a Local Entrepreneurship Competition in which I formed a business with complete strangers, we won £10k of seed funding and I am performing the role of COO/Sales Director (Which will be a side-project for now!). In this period, I accepted a new role as a Business Development Manager for a Software Start-up and am delighted to start on a new journey.


Caroline's coaching was instrumental to my success, and I will be eternally grateful."


Senior Manager, Leading Professional Services Firm

"Caroline has been a fantastic coach to me during a time of high stress while applying for a promotion - which I got! I have no doubt that the time spent with Caroline had a direct impact on my ability to articulate confidently why I deserve a promotion, and ultimately helped me to convince others of this as well. 


Caroline provided the space and right questions to enable me to explore my own motivations, helping me to realise the underlying causes of the pressure I felt I was under. This had a hugely beneficial impact on my mental health and attitude towards my promotion prospects. As a result of the coaching I was able to understand my mind set and get some distance from my feelings, enabling me to think more clearly and logically about my situation and get a better perspective.


I have not only found the sessions with Caroline to be really helpful professionally and personally, I have really enjoyed speaking with her and the challenge and insight that comes with coaching. I have found Caroline to be a friendly, warm presence, who creates a safe and supportive environment. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of coaching to get in touch with Caroline, she's brilliant."


Research Manager, Pharma Consultancy

“I really enjoyed working with Caroline, she put me at ease and made it really easy to share thoughts and open up - something that does not usually come naturally to me. The coaching conversations helped me to look at my situation from new different perspectives.  They built my confidence , so that I secured a new role at a higher level. I feel like I am in a different place with more clarity regarding the opportunities ahead of me and more motivation.” 


Having led her own business in Qualitative Research Consulting for the last 25 years, Caroline has worked extensively with with C-suite executives, Senior Leaders, Marketing & Insight Teams,  Business Stakeholders, and Consumers. I marry a strong intuitive instinct for people, with a curious and empathetic approach, to create inspiration and a background in real life business management.


Caroline Thompson is a graduate of the Academy of Executive Coaching's Practitioner Diploma and accredited with the AoEC, approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and  the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).   

She has a BA in Economics and Business Studies (2.1) from Trinity College Dublin.