Utilities, Energy and Transport Research

Our Qualitative and Quantitative Consultants have extensive experience of working in the regulated markets of aviation, rail, energy and water.


Given the specialist nature of researching regulated markets, we create bespoke expert teams to address individual briefs from clients in regulated markets.  Our experts conduct research for Regulators, Market Advisors, and Regulated Companies. 


We offer a fresh perspective, blending our experience in utilities, energy and transport markets with our research expertise in FMCG, branding and retail.


Our Mobile Experiential Research approach employs a tailor-made digital app to provide in-the-moment feedback on customer journeys and experiences, providing authentic insight from genuine customers, whilst the experience is still real and fresh in their mind.  

We employ the Principles of Behavioural Economics (e.g. Com-B) to inform methods and interpret findings in order to guide commercial strategies in utilities and energy markets. 

We work with clients' quantitative research agencies to undertake strong qualitative studies that inform quantitative survey design (e.g. Stated Preference Surveys) and provide softer understanding of the quantitative data results. 

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